About Us

PickerUppers LLC is a highly accredited moving company based in South Florida. Our administration has over 20 years of combined experience in the moving industry and we strive to provide our customers with top of the line services at an affordable price. The main goal of PickerUppers is to create an easier and more economically efficient way to move all of your furniture. From loading up the truck to getting rid of old furniture, the heavy lifting is always the most dreaded part of moving. We’re here to take that weight off of your shoulders!


The reason we stand out is because of our guaranteed same day service and 24/7 customer care. Our innovative loading and unloading company has spread throughout the South Florida area and continues to rapidly expand. We take pride in working diligently with our customers by giving them the best services available. So when it’s time to move that bulky dresser or hefty piano, let us lend you a hand.  We’re willing to take on all the heavy lifting required to move your furniture. You can call us at (954) 302-8856 to request a crew of PickerUppers or fill out a form right on our website. The booking process is fast and easy. To get a better idea of what we offer at PickerUppers, check out our list of goals and services below.

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Goals & Services

Save Customers Money
Truck Loading & Unloading
Same Day Service
Home Rearrangement
Fast and Easy Booking
Junk Removal
In Store Pickup and Delivery
Stress-free Moving
Furniture Assembly
Furniture Rearrangement
Experienced Movers
Senior Citizen Discounts
Accelerate the Moving Process
Free Quotes
Boxes and Supplies