Moving Tips

Always have extra boxes

When you pack your home, you'll most likely find that you have more things to pack than anticipated. Always stay ahead of the game by keeping extra boxes around for during and after packing.

Make a list

Before you begin the packing process, make sure to write everything down! Creating a list will speed up the moving process and keep you organized along the way.

Strong tape for securing boxes

Boxes must be taped securely on the base of the box, especially when packing heavy items. Weak tape can rip and damage your valuables.

Have plenty of supplies

Be prepared for any situation. Having the right supplies can make your move significantly easier. Make sure you have plenty of boxes, tape, and labels to pack all of your items.

Bubble wrap for dishes and other fragile items

Bubble wrap is the main source of packing material when it comes to fragile belongings.

Use clothing to save on bubble wrap

Old clothing or towels can be used to keep glassware and other fragile items from breaking.

Pack and label boxes

Be sure to label all of your boxes. Things can get shuffled around during the moving process. If boxes are not labeled, your belongings can get misplaced. This can make it extremely difficult to stay on track during moving day.

Pack important items first

Use a clear container to pack necessities for the upcoming days. Packing can take longer than just a day. You want to be able to have easy access to important belongings.

Utilize wardrobe boxes

Knowing what box to use for what items, and how to properly pack your belongings into these containers so that nothing gets damaged is essential for moving. Being the largest standard sized box that most movers will carry, the wardrobe box is a great choice for packing.

Color coordinate

Sorting your belongings by color is a great technique to keep you organized during the move. Color coding can help you easily locate the item you're looking for without having to open and search through multiple boxes.