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8 Things to Avoid When Moving

Everyone knows how stressful moving can be. From packing all of your belongings to carrying them to the moving truck, no part of moving is very enjoyable. We've done many moves and we know that the last thing you want to do is make it harder on yourself. The PickerUppers' main goal is always to make everyone's move easier. So here are some tips on things to avoid when moving to your new home:

1. Don’t over-pack large boxes. The bottom of a box can tear if it’s too heavy and your belongings might get damaged. Pack heavy items in smaller boxes to avoid this problem during your move.

2. If a large dresser needs to be manually carried, don’t leave it packed with clothes. Moving furniture that you can barely lift off of the ground is very difficult, especially when going up or down stairs. It’s more important to save your back than to save some space in the moving truck.

3. Don’t pack fragile belongings in the same box without individually wrapping them. You don’t want any breakable items clashing into each other during your move.

4. Don’t try to fit couches or other large furniture through a door without taking measurements. By the time you realize that the furniture is too big to fit through the doorway, it will already be too late. This can easily cause damage to the wall and/or furniture.

5. Don’t move furniture with removable shelves as one piece. Once you tilt the furniture to lift it, the shelves can fall out and damage the interior. So make sure that you remove the shelves before moving the furniture.

6. Don’t try to carry a large dresser or sofa down a stairway that’s too small. You might find yourself stuck, holding an abundance of weight until your only choice is to drop whatever you’re carrying or hoist it back up to where you started.

7. Don’t overestimate your strength. If it looks too heavy, it probably is. Use a hand truck or furniture dolly as much as you can. No one wants to have back spasms in the middle of moving out.

8. Don’t load items with water hoses before making sure all of the water is drained out. Refrigerators, water coolers, and garden hoses are all items that can leak water when loaded into the moving truck. You don’t want to find any of your furniture sitting in a puddle when you go to unload the truck.

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