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PickerUppers Employees of the Month of 2019

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

2019 has been a great year for the PickerUppers so far. We've added a lot of talented movers to our team, and we feel that they deserve some recognition. With so many great movers, not one PickerUpper has been awarded Employee of the Month more than once. This is a list of every Employee of the Month in 2019 so far.

January: Harold Schwartzenshert

Ever since he was a young boy growing up in Austria, Harold had dreamed of moving to America to be a mover. When about working for the PickerUppers, he said "I just love to pick things up and put them down. The PickerUppers pay me to do this so I could not ask for a better life."

February: Bob Ronghowski

Bob is arguably one of the best moving truck loaders with his combination of size and speed. He retired this year in June at only 29 years old. He wanted to avoid any further injury after accidentally dropping a piano on his big toe.

March: Wayne "The Croc" Bronson

Wayne is as charismatic as he is strong and the customers love him. He earned his nickname because he always wears Crocs to work. After every job, he takes off a shoe and yells "Can you smellllllll what the Croc is cookin."

April: Lee Fountain

Lee is easily one of the strongest movers in history. He refuses to have any other mover help him carry anything. He doesn't talk much, but he works like a machine. Carrying a piano is to Lee what carrying a bin full of pillows is to an average mover.

May: James King

James is extremely skilled all-around. He can wrap furniture, load boxes, and carry massive amounts of weight. Some say that he's the greatest mover of all-time, but many critics say he hasn't done enough moves yet to hold that title.

June: Don Tina

Don Tina carried a refrigerator on his back up a flight of stairs four times in the month of June alone. Tina may look like he spends most of his off-time at the gym, but he loves to write poetry and take acting classes.

July: Harry Cruz

No matter what he's doing, Harry always has a good time. His high energy has any team of movers that he works with moving at a fast, efficient pace. He can also do a trick where he carries boxes only using his pecs.

August: Edwin Weasel

Edwin is all about moving fast. In the month of August, he unloaded two full moving trucks by himself in under two hours. He's also one of the best truck drivers the moving industry has ever seen.

September: Huge Jackedman

This PickerUpper was so obsessed with being as strong as possible, that he legally changed his name to Huge Jackedman. He's a hard worker who's uniquely skilled with packing and unloading sharp objects. Any moving company would be lucky to have Jackedman on their crew.

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