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Top 5 Funniest Moving Fails | Edition 1

When you don't book your move with the PickerUppers, things can go very wrong. Furniture might get broken, windows can shatter into hundreds of pieces, your favorite belongings might be destroyed right in front of your very eyes, or many other moving fails that will leave you furious. There is a silver lining though. At least, if you catch the moving accident on film, it's hilarious for everyone else. Here is the PickerUppers' first edition of the Top 5 moving fails by other moving companies:

5. There Goes Another...Piano.

The slogan "There goes another......Piano" is perfect for this moving company. Watch what happens when your mover doesn't take the time to fully secure your piano or even check the back of the truck.

4. Don't Let Go of the Toolbox, Bro!

When moving a heavy toolbox that has wheels down a ramp, make sure you have one person supporting the weight from the lower side of the ramp. If both people try to take the piano down the ramp first while holding all of the weight from behind, this might happen...

3. Stairway to Embarrassment

I feel bad for the guy in this video, but it's just too funny to leave off of our list. This is the perfect example of what happens when you try to show off your strength by carrying something that weighs much more than you can handle. The result is an embarrassing slip, fall, crash, and slide.

2. Came in Like a Wrecking Ball

When a moving company isn't careful, accidents often happen. Some moving fails are small, but others can destroy the entire side of a building. Once you hear one of the movers yell, "NO...NO...NO!" you know something bad is about to happen.

1. Two Men, a Truck, and a Bridge

The truck is packed, nothing is broken, and the move is going perfectly. The movers are on their way to the unload and they're excited to complete a successful move. The customers are happy with what they see, until they see the bridge...

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