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Top 5 Funniest Moving Fails | Edition 2

If you saw our first edition of the Top 5 Funniest Moving Fails, then you know that things can go very wrong when you don't call the PickerUppers. TVs can fall out of windows, people might fall while carrying furniture, you might drop the shelf that you had just built five minutes prior, or many other moving fails that will leave you furious. The positive side is that everyone has cameras on their phones. This way the mistakes that you make on moving day can bring laughter to all of your friends. Here is the PickerUppers' second edition of the Top 5 Funniest Moving Fails by other moving companies:

5. If One Mover Goes Down...We All Go Down

When you're carrying heavy furniture down the ramp of a moving truck, make sure you can see where you're walking. One wrong step can lead to broken furniture as well as broken bones.

4. The Wrong Way to Move a TV One Floor Down

This guy tries improvising during a move to save time, but it doesn't go the way that he had planned. Although, maybe it wasn't an accident at all. This may have all been his plan to buy the brand-new TV that his wife has been saying they don't need right now.

3. First and Last Day on the Job

After about an hour of arranging dozens of boxes into uniform stacks, Bill was ready to move them where they belong. It was his first day working for his father's company and he was confident that he knew everything he needed to know about moving. However, he missed one very important lesson that every mover should know, which is how to use a dolly.

2. Why Don't You Slide?

Tom: "You got it?"

Paul: "Yeah, I got it."

Tom: "Are you sure?"

Paul: "Yep, let it go."

Tom: "Let it go?"

Paul: "Yes, drop it!"

Tom: "Okay...letting go."

Paul: *Instant regret*

Tom: "Told you we should've called the PickerUppers."

1. Rearranging Michael Scott's House

Michael Scott needed to move some furniture at his house, so he knocked on his neighbor's door to ask for some help. Michael told her that it was just a small shelf and that he would move it himself, but he threw out his back while training for a bodybuilding competition. The woman happily agreed and said her sister could help out too. Watch the video to see how everything turned out.

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